Starting today, Berlin's Berghain club has reopened as an art gallery. A giant flower in Panorama Bar. A collaboration between Berghain and the Boros Foundation, which manages the Boros private collection. Private Collection of Contemporary Art Die Boros Foundation kooperiert mit nationalen und internationalen Institutionen. Berlin’s most exclusive nightclub Berghain transforms into an Art Venue Berghain, the iconic and exclusive nightclub in the German capital of Berlin remains shut for clubbers owing to the pandemic but a brand new exhibition will see the legendary club transform into a huge art venue. With the strictly no-camera-rule still in place, we break down the best pieces inside. Time … The artworks in Studio Berlin were selected by Sammlung Boros, the collection of German advertising mogul Christian Boros and his wife Karen, housed in a WW2 concrete bunker that was once a nightclub — where Berghain’s founders held their first club night in the 1990s. Berghain / Panorama Bar, 9/9 – 31/12/2020. Their exhibition “Studio Berlin” opens Sept. 9. Sven Marquardt, the clubland sentry who watches over the door of Berlin's legendary nightclub, Berghain, was given a taste of his own medicine at a nightclub in Sydney earlier this month.. In the exhibition ›Studio Berlin‹, the Boros Foundation in Berghain shows works by over 100 contemporary artists who live and work in Berlin. The art show does, however, break with one of Berghain’s iron rules. Wer sich die Sammlung Boros im ehemaligen "Bunker" anschauen will, kann sich dafür hier anmelden. The Berghain has retained some of its old rules such as its strict no-photo policy, which Boros hopes will allow for a more “personal experience” with the works. Studio Berlin opened on September 9, 2020, during Berlin Art Week and will remain open until Berghain can resume its regular operations. Wer sich die Ausstellung im Berghain ab dem 9. CHERTLÜDDE. I wonder how that will go inside berghain. The Berlin club, which has been shut since early March due to the pandemic, will be handed over to famed local art collectors Christian and Karen Boros, who together with Juliet Kothe, the director of the Boros Foundation, will present an exhibition called Studio Berlin. Berghain will reopen as an art gallery in September, it has been announced. The exhibition will … Mit dem Projekt STUDIO BERLIN organisiert die Boros Foundation im Technoclub Berghain ab September 2020 eine Ausstellung mit Werken von über 100 zeitgenössischen Künstlerinnen und Künstlern, die … Visitors will be able to view an exhibition featuring 85 Berlin-based artists including Wolfgang Tillmans, Sandra Mujinga, Tacita Dean, Christine Sun Kim, Shirin Sabahi and Olafur Eliasson. A small jungle of everyday objects in the corridor: where once there was dancing in Berghain, now (even more) art can be seen. ... Everyone who has booked a ticket online is guaranteed to get into the club. Determined not to let the space sit empty and unused, Berghain has teamed up with private art collector Sammlung Boros to launch a new project - one that not only allows the club’s doors to open again, but provides a welcome platform for Berlin-based artists, who have also been particularly affected by the coronavirus crisis. In addition to being the world's most famous bouncer, the East Berlin native is also an accomplished photographer who has exhibited his work in numerous locations around the world. Studio Berlin in Berlin! IG; FB One rumour is absolutely true: Berlin's Berghain is an iconic techno club that has set a standard in how to become world-famous while staying true to the underground. Für weitere News, Tickets und Infos … If you're into contemporary art, (and maybe also if you've got money burning a hole in your pocket), check out the Boros foundation in Berlin. 20K likes. Berghain is reopening – as an art gallery. But since it has become famous as "the world's best club", strange rumours, stories and myths surround Berghain. c/o Berghain 9 SEP until reopening of the club Wed—Sun 12—8pm. The Boros Foundation presents ‘STUDIO BERLIN’ at Berghain, consisting of works by over 80 contemporary artists living and working in Berlin. “Berlin has the highest density of ateliers, studios and art workshops in Europe – artists from all … Zu sehen sind dann Arbeiten von Olafur Eliasson, Wolfgang Tillmans und Tacita Dean. September die Kunstausstellung „Studio Berlin“ im Club Berghain. Boros Collection / Bunker Berlin, Berlin, Germany. The 2000s by Kito Nedo. The exhibition will also be showing some international works of photography, sculpture, sound installation, video, painting, and performance. Information on the revocation and processing of data is provided in our privacy notice. Sagt Christian Boros, der es wissen muss: Schließlich gehört er zu den Initiatoren, die das Berghain in nächster Zeit wiederbeleben. In conversation with Zheng Bo. The exhibition promises a range of different media from the visual (photography, painting, video) to the tactile (sculpture, installation) and the auditory (sound, performance). “You’ll be leaving this gallery with a head full of memories and ideas, not with pictures to adorn your social media feeds,” says Boros. Wenn auch als Kunstort statt als Berlins spektakulärsten Techno-Club. Tickets can be booked through the Studio Berlin website, either for a guided tour (led by Berghain and Boros Foundation employees) or an open house where you can explore at your own pace. The move was first announced a few weeks ago. Die Ausstellung „Studio Berlin“ will das Beste aus beiden Welten zusammenbringen. More Stories. Berghain, housed in a former power plant on the borders of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg opened Studio Berlin on 9 September and is scheduled to run through December. Yes, I would like to receive the newsletter of Gallery Weekend Berlin. Das wird ganz sicher keine Corona-Ausstellung. Die Boros Foundation zeigt ab dem 9. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER. Berghain is going to be transformed into a temporary art gallery from September 9th, Der Tagesspiegel reports. Left to right: The art collectors Christian and Karen Boros, and the curator Juliet Kothe, outside Berghain. September 2020 anschauen will, kann (bald) auf der " Studio Berlin "-Website Tickets dafür buchen. Visiting the Boros collection bunker can be its own challenge; access through the doors is restricted to 12 people at a time, and pre-booked tickets often sell out weeks in advance. Really really cool building, some nice art, unfortunately a very touristy (almost unpleasant) experience, though. Following the Art Week, the special exhibition “Studio Berlin” will be open from September 9th in Berlin. Boros also acknowledged that the exhibition will give many people the first opportunity to get around Berghain’s infamous bouncers. Programm und Tickets für bevorstehende Ausstellung. The collaboration between Berghain and Boros Foundation . Exhibition curated by the Boros family. The Boros-Foundation will be presenting works form over 80 international artists living in Berlin at the exhibition from September 9, 2020. Studio Berlin at Berghain. Today, Berghain reopens — but not as a club, it's an art gallery. On September 9 the legendary Berghain nightclub will open its doors to the public for the first time since March.. Book a time slot ticket BERLINISCHE GALERIE 8 €, reduced 5 € Book a time slot ticket BRÜCKE-MUSEUM 6€ , reduced 4€ C/O BERLIN 10 €, reduced 6 € Groups from 10 people: 8 €, reduced 5 € Free admission up to the age of 18 Book a time slot ticket for exhibition visit GROPIUS BAU 15 €, reduced 10 € Free admission up to the age of 16 From 9th September, those wishing to visit the hallowed club will be able to book guided tours through its main room, Panorama Bar and Säule, where works from 85 Berlin-based artists will be on display. On Wednesday, September 9th, the exhibition ‘Studio Berlin’ opened. Berghain houses many permanent artworks, including giant Wolfgang Tillmans photos that lord over the Panorama Bar, and the collaboration with Boros “aims to offer Berlin artists a public platform to establish a place for dialogue,” according to the partners, who trumpeted the importance of the city’s professional artists. Studio Berlin, a joint effort of Berghain and the Boros Foundation, will present the works of 117 Berlin-based artists. A single ticket costs €20 euros, and as per the club’s longstanding policy no cameras or photos are allowed. Since then, staff have been retrained as exhibition guides and the front of the club has been draped with a banner that says "Morgen ist die frage" ("tomorrow is the question") created by Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija. All rooms of the club will be used for this purpose. The no-pictures policy remains in place while the club is an art gallery. The exhibition, organized by the Boros Foundation, can be viewed from September 9 onwards and will take place in Berghain, Panorama Bar, Säule and Halle. "Studio Berlin" thus offers the opportunity to enter the famous Berghain without the consent of a doorman. Endless Work by Rosemary Mayer.